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Asbestos removal in Chester and Cheshire.

Countrywide Environmental Services are a leading experts in asbestos removal in Liverpool, with remediation capabilities working in a wide range of properties. We serve education, social housing, health, public sector, retail, industrial and construction markets. Fly -tipped asbestos waste is removed locally.

Working to maintain compliance, our team ensure detailed risk assessments are completed prior to any notification. This is dependent on the nature and type of the asbestos containing material. We assist in working out any planning implications and offer alternatives to assist where necessary.

Experienced asbestos removal in Chester and Cheshire team

Our staff are experienced in working in both partially occupied premises as well as vacant premises.

Licensing documentation is completed and notified in accordance with regulation, with due consideration to stakeholders affected by our works. Environmental impacts, construction environmental management plans for works under CDM, site waste management plans underpin quality management plans ensuring sufficient control measures are in place.

Pre-start meetings are co-ordinated prior to the commencement of works to engage with any partner suppliers / contractors. This is important to ensure we work collaboratively. Asbestos is removed in line with code of practice and method statement based on the survey received. We work to agreed costs and timescales providing alternative solutions where practicable to manage and mitigate risk.

Waste disposed of in line with environmental legislative requirements with consignment notes provided for the waste producer. Completed works are inspected/sampled and clearance issued as appropriate to the works for re-assurance to our client. For non-licensable projects, an internal ‘Certificate of re-occupation’ is issued. Our aim is to provide peace of mind in all works completed.

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