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Asbestos removal in Retail

Our works in retail are national and are structured around capital developments, planned maintenance and emergency works. Planning of works is often intricate and tight deadlines to ensure stores open on time is critical to success. Over and above this, minimising anxiety amongst shoppers is also significant.

Noise, installation of temporary walls, security and effective management of waste is critical to embracing the needs of the retail industry. Much of our activity takes place out of hours. We work collaboratively on large and small scale works with other construction trades. Our work is designed to mitigate risk for all affected by the works, and protect brand reputation.

Mitigating risk

We work collaboratively to mitigate risk with clients and partner contractors, promoting a culture of award winning behavioural risk management


• Work to tight deadlines
• Protect store opening times
• Mitigate risk
• Effective site segregation
• Transit route planning
• Protect existing infrastructure
• Working in listed buildings
• Service isolations
• Working at Height
• Partially occupied premises
• Out of hours solutions
• Minimise noise
• Ensure access
• Manage security
• Protect reputation

Working collaboratively

We work collaboratively to provide ‘best practice’ and ‘best value’ whilst undertaking asbestos compliance based works to meet the scope provided. Awareness of consumer and stakeholder needs, traffic in busy areas, term time restrictions all influence how we recommend to undertake licensed work.
Meeting performance targets

We plan and deliver services to meet exacting KPI’s, whilst supporting local initiatives whether these are through employment or community schemes. Our staff are all local which enables prompt support solutions to be provided. As we understand more about the property portfolio, we work to improve productivity and performance throughout, and at the same time, assist partner contractors to achieve their objectives efficiently too.


Our sites are extensively audited to ensure the works are carried out to meet the agreed methodology. This is designed to provide assurance that the highest standards of delivery are maintained on site to protect client reputation.

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