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Asbestos removal in the public sector

Countrywide undertake extensive asbestos removal in the Public Sector, which includes working in Council Offices, schools, libraries and leisure centres.

Working collaboratively

We work collaboratively to provide ‘best practice’ and ‘best value’ whilst undertaking asbestos compliance based works to meet the scope provided. Options are offered to cover both full removal and compliance options for a managed solution where practicable enabling a client to evaluate their options.

Removal of asbestos in offices

Our work in Council offices may be undertaken whilst the premises remain partially occupied. Care with related services such as IT and electrical installations are carefully managed. The numbers of stakeholders are often wide and varied, so our planning, communications and support reflect this.

Asbestos in schools

Working in schools remains a key area of support where the need to manage and mitigate risk in ongoing to protect students and teachers. Common locations where asbestos may be found include in damaged wallboard, drywall or plaster; worn soundproofing material; deteriorated steam pipes or boiler insulation; crumbling floor tiles, roofing or ceiling panels; old heating and air-conditioning equipment; and chipped paint eg artex. Liaison with the headteacher and designated maintenance personnel ensure we support the school and/or Academy maintain compliance and gain peace of mind.

Meeting performance targets

We plan and deliver services to meet exacting KPI’s, whilst supporting local initiatives whether these are through employment or community schemes. Our staff are all local which enables prompt support solutions to be provided. As we understand more about the property portfolio, we work to improve productivity and performance throughout, and at the same time, assist partner contractors to achieve their objectives efficiently too.


Our sites are extensively audited to ensure the works are carried out to meet the agreed methodology. This is designed to provide assurance that the highest standards of delivery are maintained on site to protect client reputation.

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