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The Survey Guide – Effective planning of best practice

The HS264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide has been issued to assist those carrying out asbestos surveys and those with specific responsibilities for managing asbestos in non-domestic properties. We do not normally undertake asbestos surveys however.

  • To assist surveyors, it provides guidance in carrying out surveys and indicates how results should be presented. Sampling information and surveying strategies for larger portfolio’s of similar buildings are given.
  • To assist the duty-holder, information is given to ensure surveying is appropriate, completed by a competent person, and fit for the purpose for which it was designed.

Competencies of the surveyor: HSE recommend (UKAS) accredited personnel or certified surveyors, augmented by appropriate asbestos related qualifications e.g. BOHS P402 qualifications with experience gained in a practical manner.

Asbestos surveying

The management survey – a standard survey used to locate asbestos. The refurbishment and demolition survey is a destructive survey carried out prior to refurbishment or demolition.

Survey Planning

Information exchange is considered critical to success. The surveyor needs information to undertake their work e.g. building details, usage, plans, background related information, access and safety issues etc from the client.

This said, the surveyor will be expected to provide competency details, references, Professional Indemnity insurance, plans of work, caveats, timescales and reporting methods in the context of the building use.

Duty-holder use information

Once gathered, the survey information should be a living document to aid the ongoing safe use of the facilities. The report should be checked for accuracy, detail, un-agreed caveats, appropriate sampling and discrepancies. Once considered acceptable, these will form part of the asbestos management plan.

Countrywide can assist in maintaining all areas of compliance, to protect both your reputation and give peace of mind.

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